Welcome to VIA Urbanism! VIA Urbanism is the study association for all students with an affinity for Urbanism at the faculty of the Built Environment at the University of Technology Eindhoven.

VIA Urbanism was founded on the 19th of May 1993, with the goal of serving the interests of students interested in urban planning and design at the Eindhoven University of Technology. VIA Urbanism provides students with in-depth and broadening activities and knowledge outside their regular education program.

The sub-association is the connecting party between the students on the one hand and the faculty and the professional field on the other hand.

In a nutshell, VIA Urbanism organizes (at least) monthly activities, puts students and businesses in touch, has its own magazine named viaVIA, and represents students in urbanism to the faculty in education related meetings and evaluations. Furthermore, VIA Urbanism organizes a yearly study trip together with the sub-association AnArchi. With all its activities and proceedings VIA Urbanism brings students in contact with the professional field and vice versa.

//The website is currently under construction//