Improving and keeping an eye on the education in the field of urbanism is the main goal of the Committee of Education. VIA attempts to add to the quality of the education by evaluating the courses, projects, planning, and the overall structure together with students and teachers.

The committee will actively collect feedback on the education from students and pass it on to the representatives of the courses. In this way the committee forms the link between the student and the representatives. The committee strives to not only be critical but also bring up improvements in order to bring the quality of urbanism at the TU/e to a higher level. Next to this, we are also here to inform students about the education in the field of urbanism and to answer their questions.

Are you interested in evaluating education together with us? Do not hesitate and contact us! You can visit us at the second floor of Vertigo, or just send us an email at In the end, more committee members will result in even better education!

The education committee 2017-2018 consists of:

  • Lucas van Perlo (Chairman and Board representative)
  • Suzan Evers
  • Maarten Kamp
  • Jamilla Broersma
  • Jurre van Kuijk