Excursion: Delft

Wednesday the 25th of November VIA went on an excursion to Delft. We started the morning by a visit of the railway zone. First different presentations were given by the municipality and mecanoo.

Arjaan Hoogenboom of the municipality of Delft talked about the integral redevelopment of the railway zone. This plan for Delft includes a new tunnel for trains and a municipal office. The first urban plan was made by Busquets. Parts of this plan are already implemented in the city. Palmbout has made the design for the public establishment. After that Jasper Tonk from Mecanoo Architects gave a presentation about the design of the new station and the municipal office. An import aspect of the design was the contrast between the history of the city and the current technical innovation. We ended the morning with a visited to the construction site and the new building from the inside.

In the afternoon we went to the University in Delft and Polis organised a guided tour on the campus and at the faculty of the Built Environment in Delft. We ended the day with a drink with the members from Polis. The day was interesting and we reestablished our connections with Delft and the study association Polis.