Lunch Lecture #2: André Houtman

Thursday the 7th of January André Houtman explained us everything about urbanism abroad. The main question was; which ‘Dutch’ knowledge could you use and which knowledge is irrelevant in a country like China? André Houtman is the co-founder of HOUTMAN + SANDER, an office for landscape architecture. He designed i.e. the Taiyuan Industrial Heritage Transformation Masterplan in collaboration with OMA.

Around 25 VIA members joined the lunch lecture and for our members form China there were many moments of recognition. André Houtman demonstrated the importance of multifunctional spaces in China, but also admired their decisiveness. The aspect of maintenance is not important, because there is enough manpower. But do we not have people as well?

Keep an eye on the website the read more about new projects of HOUTMAN + SANDER.