Workshop: Drawing Skills by Hélène Aarts

Improve your handdrawing skills by Hélène Aarts

With an increasing choice of computer programs and tools to draw your design and to make it look even better, hand drawings are not used as much as before. However, hand drawing is still an important skill for an (urban) designer to learn. It improves your view for a better understanding of your design in form and scale and it is still one of the fastest ways to express yourself. Although we know the importance of drawing, there occurs a decline of drawing skills in our education. To be able to learn more about these skills, VIA organized a workshop that focused on improving your hand drawing skills (mainly) in urban drawings.

On Thursday the 28th of January a group of 25 enthusiastic students joined our workshop. Everyone just finished their exams, and was looking forward to an educational and leisurely afternoon. We gathered in the drawing classroom on the second floor and everyone had to bring their own drawing materials and tracing paper. While the participants searched a place to draw, Hélène started the workshop with explaining some simple theories about drawing and especially how to easily draw an urban plan or overview of an area. She used a PowerPoint presentation with many inspiring pictures of different drawings, while explaining the theory behind them. After the explanation everyone tried to apply the learned theory in a drawing assignment. Everyone had a printed map of the TU/e campus and had to make a 3D perspective using tracing paper. While Hélène gave some tips and advice everyone made a nice 3D drawing of the campus.

After this in class session, the participants had some time to try and apply the learned drawing techniques on location. Before everyone went outside and walked over to the new building Flux on the campus, VIA provided them with some coffee or tea and homemade cake and muffins. When everyone had some coffee we were good to go and we started walking to the Flux building. It must have looked strange for the physics and electro students to see a group of students with chairs and drawing boards walking by.Settled down in the cafeteria or on the stairs in front of the building, everyone had a nice view of the campus and started to draw an eye-level perspective. The weather was really nice for a day in January, therefore some people were sitting outside to have a better view. With some help and tips from Hélène again, everyone had a nice result of the workshop and went home with a satisfied feeling. Some people did not even wanted to stop drawing, while others joined us for some beers in the Skybar!