6. Lunch Lecture: Benthem Crouwel

Daniel Jongthien, partner of Benthem Crouwel since 2017, gave a lunch lecture about the firm and two of their projects. Benthem Crouwel is ofcourse known for their big transport projects, like Amsterdam CS and Rotterdam CS, but also for the “Stedelijk Museum” in Amsterdam, and for the master plan of Schiphol Airport.

In the presentation, Daniel taught us that functionality always is important for the bureau. But in this functionality, Daniel always looks further to enlighten the life of the users. As examples, Daniel talked about the Paleisbrug in ‘s Hertogenbosch and Amsterdam CS. While the project assignment for the Paleisbrug only was to design a bridge for pedestrians and bicycles to cross the railtracks, Benthem Crouwel surprised the jury with a design of a park like bridge, extending on both sides of the tracks. This way the bridge really makes a connection between both sides of the rail tracks.

Also in the complex project of Amsterdam CS, there are all kinds of nice little features making life easier. For example the Cuyperspassage, where 79.000 hand painted tiles from the royal tile factory Tichelaar make the passage a real work of art.

Pictures of the lecture are below!