Buro Lubbers is a design studio for landscape architecture, urban development and the design of public space. Since 1993, the studio has been designing projects at all scale levels, for both private and public commissioners. The studio’s projects are characterised by a multi-disciplinary approach, innovative expertise, sharp analysis, a sturdy and poetic expression and a critical eye for detail. An enthusiastic team takes care of a total product, from research to preservation.

Analysis, concept and expertise. These are the instruments to master the landscape and urban assignments, from the early beginning to the final detail, from urban to planting plan. In the phase of analysis each new assignment is reduced to its essentials. What is the heart of the matter? Then the assignment is approached in relation to its environment: the genius loci. Form arises as a consequence or as reaction to the specific characteristics of the place and is therefore not ‘added’ out of mere formality. Time and sustainability are important design tools. Furthermore, at every stage of the design process attention is given to details, control aspects and the use of materials. This strategy leads to surprising concepts which in their seemingly simplicity create a clear and firm identity. With ambition and a sense of reality, Buro Lubbers uses his creative potential for today’s design challenges.

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