‘’Designing is a passion that you can’t get enough of. In fact, wherever you are, you can see the beauty of landscape, history and architecture in conjunction with everyday life. Architects and designers are at the service of society: They play for the audience and, together, are prepared to perform a beautiful concert, called the City,’’ – (BURO5, 1989)

After more than 30 years this is still the foundation of CB5. Now more than ever.

The designers at CB5 strive for a design that gives meaning. A design that offers spatial quality and maintains a dialogue with its environment. It all starts with a broad analysis of the conditions. Resulting in strong conceptual thinking and evolving towards a realistic and constructible design.

CB5 works at multiple levels of design. Ranging from architecture to urban design and landscape architecture, but with a close focus on the city and its densification.  We believe that collaboration between different design disciplines is the key to creating meaningful and profound designs. For the residents, for everyday life, and for the city.

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