At PosadMaxwan we believe – as urban designers – in healthy, sustainable, smart cities. More and more people are moving to urban areas, even as cities face major challenges around climate, mobility, health and inclusivity. It’s a complex puzzle that calls for new spatial solutions.

We identify important, urgent tasks and ask relevant questions. How can metropolitan Amsterdam stay accessible and remain a pleasant place to live and work? What can Zuid-Holland province do to help its residents lead healthy lives? How can Antwerp densify its 20th-century districts while enhancing their quality?

We work with clients who are open to exploring new pathways and curious about innovative, unconventional ideas. We help them by showing them what a clean, healthy city looks like and what we can do today to move toward that goal. We achieve this through research, strategy, design and implementation. Our team of masterminds and master planners dives deep into problems, deploys data to find human solutions, and connects levels of scale. In this way, we render challenges comprehensible so we can make decisions based in the here and now.

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