VIA Urbanism considers it important to inform students about the education in the field of urbanism and to keep a close eye on its quality. Therefore you can find all information concerning the urbanism education here. We have a lot of information about the structure of the master urbanism, the requirements for the beroepservaringsperiode (BEP), and some very useful links with information about the BEP. VIA Urbanism puts effort into watching the quality of the urbanism education and improving it where possible. This is done by conducting questionnaires to hear opinions of all students, and by keeping the contact with both students and teachers. Next to this, we organize an education evaluation together with students and teachers twice a year where everybody is welcome to join in. You can find the minutes of the last education evaluation here.

Next to this, we are implementing the possibility to offer graduation projects of urbanism graduates on this website: the graduate passport. In the graduate passport we offer graduates a page on our website to profile themselves and publish their portfolio. If you are interested in the Graduate Passport please send us an email to