The master urbanism can currently be found within the unit Architectural Urban Design & Engineering (AUDE), which is part of the master Architecture Building & Planning (ABP). Urbanism is represented in AUDE by the chair Urbanism and Urban Architecture (UUA).


The master program in the Graduate School includes 120 ECTS and consists of:

  • 15 ECTS core courses
  • 45 ECTS specialization electives
  • 15 ECTS free electives
  • 45 ECTS graduation project

You are free to fill in this program to your own preferences. However, to complete the AUDE master you need to have followed a number of mandatory courses to meet the core program. You can find an overview of the core program here.


If you are interested in gaining the title Urbanist (Stedebouwkundige) and if you would like to engage in the beroepservaringsperiode after your master to enroll in the architectenregister, you will have to meet a preset study program. Within this preset program of courses there is however still some freedom in choice. An overview of this study program can be found here.

Offered seminars and graduation studios

The offered seminars and graduation studios change every quartile. The current offer can be found online.

Dual graduation

Dual graduation in both Urbanism and Architecture is possible in the Graduate School. If you want to be informed on the requirements, the possibilities, and the curriculum please contact Anne-Marie Peters-van den Heuvel (