The viaVIA is the magazine of VIA Urbanism which has 250 copies each edition. In order to attract international students and to connect with the english education at the faculty, the magazine is written in English. Each edition contains a relevant theme. Next to this, it also features an overview of the latest VIA activities. Projects of students and columns of professionals and professors can also be found in our magazine.

The theme which is given at each viaVIA is always up-to-date, and plays a significant role in the field of urbanism. The magazine is a good way to be kept up to date of recent trends, and has the goal to keep students enthusiastic about urbanism. It broadens the view on the subject and provides useful information for students.

Furthermore, on this page you can find the most recent release of the viaVIA. It is possible to read the magazine online to look back at the activities that have been held and other articles about urbanism.

Are you interested in delivering a contribution to the viaVIA magazine? Or do you want to know more about the magazine? You can always get in touch with the viaVIA-committee or the board of VIA Urbanism to get more information.

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