Development-Perspective 2040 Center Eindhoven

PosadMaxwan works on healthy, sustainable and smart cities. We do this by combining research, strategy, design and the implementation of it. We identify current challenges, ask relevant questions and come up with new spatial answers.


Together with the municipality of Eindhoven, PosadMaxwan recently created a Development-Perspective to steer the growth of the center in the right direction and at the same time increase the health, accessibility and quality of life. Between 2020 and 2050, Eindhoven will grow by a quarter of the city in terms of housing and residents. The city has everything it needs to compete with important (European) urban regions in terms of economic competitiveness, vitality and an attractive business climate.


The Development-Perspective formulates an overarching vision and tactical choices for the densification and growth of Eindhoven center. This offers guidance for the future on themes such as climate adaptation, health and mobility. For the Development-Perspective, PosadMaxwan has integrated the existing studies and plans for the enlarged city center, Emmasingelkwadrant and Internationale Knoop XL.


With so many challenges and choices, it is important to create a spatial assessment framework that allows administrators to make decisions in dialogue with residents and stakeholders. That is why PosadMaxwan has also developed a dashboard with which the municipality of Eindhoven can test projects in a 3D GIS environment for their contribution to the overarching vision and ambitions.


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